- What are your delivery fees?

Delivery fees are $5 and $9 for orders placed after 10:30pm. Do note that a surcharge of $5 applies for deliveries on public holiday eves and public holidays. Find out more here.


- What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are from 8:00pm to 1:00am daily, with extended hours* on public holiday eves and public holidaysFind out more here.


- What is the waiting time for the alcohol to be delivered? 

Waiting time for on-demand orders is about 30 ~ 60 minutes, subjected to availability of delivery slots and location, so do place your order early to ensure your drinks arrive on time. Find out more here.


- Can I place an order outside the delivery hours? 

Drop us a message on our Telegram (@guzzlers) if you missed our delivery hours and we could arrange a special delivery for you at a surcharge subjected to availability. 


- What if i want my drinks delivered earlier than 8:00pm? 

You can place an order for your drinks to be delivered the night before to ensure your drinks arrive in time.


- What flavours of soju do you guys offer? 

Check out our latest selection of soju here.


- What promotions are you running right now? 

You can check out our Instagram (@guzzlersbar) or our Telegram channel (@guzzlersbar) for ongoing promotions or follow our Instagram and join our Telegram channel to ensure that you don't miss out of any promotions. 


- Are there any discounts for bulk purchase orders?

You can contact us through any means here to inquire about bulk purchases for your parties/business.


- How do I place an order? 

Find out more here


- What are your payment options?

We accept PayNow/PayLah for on-demand orders placed through our Telegram (@guzzlerswhile orders placed on our website can be paid for using our online payment options.